Radiance CF10

Chase Corporation’s RADIANCE CF10 is a single component, cost effective, UV curing gel that has been specifically developed to meet the demanding needs in applications that commonly involve connectors (with pin through-holes, both on the male and female ends), such as those used in the medical sector, which require a reliable protective barrier.  Although it was initially created for the medical industry, its performance characteristics make it ideally suited to any application that is subject to adverse operating conditions such as high humidity, dirt/dust, and chemical exposure.  This product is also compliant to the UL 2238 standard.

Connectors are often exposed to extreme operating environments that can result in corrosion or failure. This protective UV gel is used as a potting contact boundary to prevent moisture and other particulate ingress.  Additionally, it is a strong dielectric barrier in pin to cable connections.


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RADIANCE CF10 is cured to a tack free surface by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light within seconds.  The secondary moisture curing mechanism completes the polymer cross-linking process. This secondary cure mechanism utilizes ambient moisture to complete the process for unexposed / shadowed areas.  An added enhancement provided by the secondary curing process is that it imparts additional adhesion and chemical resistance to the coating.  Lastly, RADIANCE CF10, once cured, provides adhesive staking attributes for the connectors which provides added tamper resistance when in use.

UV Cure Low cure cycle time – Cures in seconds
Secondary Moisture Cure Ensures full cure of gel, even in areas un-irradiated
Low Shrinkage Minimizes deformation induced stresses on connector plastic during cure
Adhesion Chemically bonds very well to the variety of different plastics used to mold both male and female ends of connectors
Chemical Resistance Excellent protection against acidic/corrosive chemicals due to its densely cross-linked polymeric state
MIR Excellent at preventing moisture penetration due to its high MIR…47 giga-Ohms