Radiance FR84

Radiance FR84 is a unique one part UV curable flame retardant coating designed to provide an ASTM E84 Class A rating on most wood surfaces.  Radiance FR84 is an acrylated urethane clear top coat formulated to present a good finish quality to your wood surfaces.  The material will completely cure after a few seconds of UV light exposure and give off no VOC’s to be in compliance with some of the most stringent air quality programs.

Radiance FR84 will provide an exceptional finish appearance with excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance.  For fast through put wood veneers or laminate projects requiring a Class A E84 rating Radiance FR84 is the product of choice.

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Features Benefits
E-84 Class A rating FR84 meets low flame spread and smoke density requirements
100% UV cure Low WIP, no secondary cure mechanism required.  Maximum crosslink density achieved after UV exposure
Finish quality Can be modified to meet customer specific requirements
High adhesion Good adhesion to most wood substrates
High abrasion resistance Extremely durable
High solids Environmental health and safety advantage
Ease of application Easily applied by spray, roll coat or brush method
Lower cost to use More cost efficient than current impregnation method
No Moisture Sensitivity Use of handling, storage, and application types
No Sealer required Eliminate process and expense of pre-sealing of the wood surface to achieve ASTM E-84 Class A

ASTM E84-16 standard procedure is comparable to UL 723, ANSI/NFPA No. 255 and UB No. 8-1.

Radiance Coatings Test

Watch the coating process